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 Motivation for EU-VITAL 

EU-VITAL is a concerted initiative to improve and harmonize the declaration of food allergens. It is supported by food producers, distributers, analysing laboratories, governmental authorities and allergic consumers.

European Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling (EU-VITAL) has been developed to define harmonized action levels based on clinical thresholds for the labelling of allergens.

EU-VITAL will establish a standardized and widely accepted procedure for food producers. EU-VITAL is an improvement of the regional in Australia and New Zealand introduced VITAL concept in order to fulfill all requirements of European food legislation.

EU-VITAL is consistent with European food allergen legislation due to following modifications:

  1. The EU-VITAL system includes all allergens according to European guidelines (see 2007/68/EC and 2000/13/EC) (The VITAL concept lists less/different allergens as subject to labelling than the EU legislation)
  2. The EU-VITAL-model lists the threshold levels like already standardized in Europe (DIN EN 15634-1):
    mg allergenic substance/kg food [ppm] (In the VITAL concept the unit of thresholds is total protein of allergenic food/total food [ppm].)

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